My Experience to pass ACIA certification

My Experience to pass ACIA certification

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ACIE-my goal

I didn’t know there was ACIA training program until four month ago. And I was told by then that the ACIA would give me as a beginner the very basic knowledge that would enable me to be reasonably skilled in playing with Akuvox intercom devices. Admittedly, being an beginner with little network related knowledge and hands-on experience, I am little bit concerned if I would be able to go through the program and pass the ACIA test. However, my seconds thought told me that I would certainly learn something from it and there is nothing for to loose from it if I failed at the end. Why not give it a try? Life is about living and learning! Nothing to be scared about.

After talking myself in to participating the program, I opened the ACIA training account, and ACIA has only 9 courses covering basic device features and configurations, Auvox propriety software application, call&relay setting, trouble shooting and so on. To my surprise, the program makes such theoretic knowledge as SIP, Onvif, RTSP as optional course. That made it easier for me ! So I felt quite reassured as I only need to focus on Quiz A and Quiz B before I could finally wining myself a chance to book an appointment for the ACIA exam, and eventually becoming a Akuvox ACIA-certified engineer.

My Quiz A/B and first attempt on ACIA test

I was only given only once chance to pass Quiz A and Quiz B and each one them involving 15 questions each. And more importantly, I was given 2 chances only to pass the ACIA exam in 30 minutes. That was pretty nerve-racking, coz it was make-or-break for me.

So the following week, I began to take actions by first looking at how the training course is organized. And I decided that I should go from course to course in the order as it had been arranged because it seems that courses are arranged according to their difficulties and operational priorities.

The next two months, I spent around 30 hours in watching the the training video tutorials and reading the training documents offered on the Akuvox E-learning. I spent like 30 minutes a day starting from course 1 to course 9. Strangely, the courses offered were not as difficult as I had thought as the training material was very reader-friendly. Technical weak as I myself, I can almost comprehend  70 percent of the training materials except for those parts dealing with SIP and relay related setting. So I was able to quickly push through all the courses, trying to cramming all into my brain. And of course, I was good at giving myself an explanation even for something I don’t know quite well regardless if I understand them correctly nor not. and one month later I felt comfortable in taking Quiz A and Quiz B, thinking that I had already mastered basic industry knowledge, the basic configuration and usage of Akuvox intercom products. So I got ready to do the Quiz A and Quiz B, I found myself a meeting room and pour myself a cup of coffee, and sat down in front the computer. The topic and question was easy and I finished all 15 the questions in Quiz A, then Quiz B in a matter of 13 minutes even without using the paper I prepared because the exam only touches upon some basic feature and configuration of the intercom product. Imaginably, I passed the Quiz A and B like flying colors.  so I think it’s about time I book the ACIA test.

My attempt on ACIA test.

So two days later, I was allowed to sit in the on-line ACIA test. I felt very excited and could not wait to finish the test. As I went through the exam, I quickly realized that AICA test is way harder than the Quiz, coz it deals with wider range topics and scenario-based functions related to SIP call, SIP account registration, relay setting, obtaining video footage that not only requires you to understand the configuration theoretically by heart but also to have lots of hands-on practise. I don’t know how to set up SIP account using PBX- featured IT83 indoor monitor for a door phone and a indoor monitor; I don’t know how to explain the how web relay works and web relay actions, and I don’t know how to set up push-button that allows you to make SIP/IP call the the designated residents on the door phone. I was able to finish 20 percent of all questions by the time the time ran out. And I failed the test as I was told that I was only graded 15 points.

I was quite frustrated about my first attempt on the ACIA, and there is only one chance for me now if I were to become an ACIA-certified engineer. I cloud not afford to loose my last chance. So, I tried to to talk to Akuvox technical trainer for some advice on the questions I filed to answer in the test, which was enlightening and helpful and made me realized how important it is to talk to the ACIA organizer about the features and functions I don’t understand.

I began making myself a learning plan the next day. And I know how important it is for me to really understand the scenario-based functions and configurations by heart through hands-on practise. Merely watching the training videos and reading documents is far from adequate. You might be able to understand and memorize  the basic feature and configuration by doing so, but when it comes to complexed SIP, Relay, RSTP based setting, it was completely different scenario, because the new and complex technical knowledge can not be really absorbed unless you actually work on the device based on certain scenario. I’ve learned my lesson and know what needs to be done to improve myself .

My second attempt on ACIA test

The next month, I adopted a completely different strategy, that is learning from practising. I made it a point to see everything there on the E-learning, and I found there is 7 level of badges that tells me the key features and functions required of a leaner at certain stage, which serves as a very good reference for me for how I should learn. Moreover , the course on training kits did give me an idea that is I should create a my own training kit which I can relay on to create different application scenarios for an intensive hands-on practise. So, I got R29 and IT83 as a set for all kinds of practise as I went through the videos and documents. Different from my first attempt, this time I tried to achieve all the features and functions using R29 and IT83 on my desk and I would stop at anywhere I don’t really understand and try to get some instructions from Akuvox training organizer. And that month, that solid one moths is proven to be very fruitful for me as it has laid a good foundation for me both on the theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.

I gave myself a second attempt for the ACIA test, because I think I have done whatever it takes to pass the test. So I contacted the AICA organizer and told her  that I am ready for the second attempt. And She said “ Okay” while putting in some encouraging words. So I booked the the exam at 09:00 my time (my best time of the day), I took a deep breath and started the test. This time, I felt that I could speed through all the questions and answer all of then in detail with no difficulties at all. You know when you learn something by heart, it comes out automatically without second thought.And I finish all the questions in 30 minutes.  The result came out right away after handed it in, it was “ 75” points. “ Wow! I made it, I am an certified engineer now” ! I was overjoyed, because I don’t have a strong technical background.

Become an AKuvox certified engineer
The effort I made in the past few months has paid off, and I’ve learn so much from the ACIA training program because it made me realize how I learn, reinforce and retain the new technical knowledge from practising.

The award
Like any individual who has passed the exam, I was award with AKuvox CEO-signatured ACIA engineer as well as the 7 badges. The biggest joy for me is that I am a certified ACIA engineer now, I will of course continue to better myself by taking ACIP test, which is higher than ACIA.  Learning new things is always good for my career and for anyone as well.

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