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  • X933 is not connecting to my X915 anymore
    Hello, I have the X933 and a X915S and till now both were connected fine. I didnt change anything but now I cant video call the X933 anymore and also there is no more doorbell ring coming from the X933. It has to be a problem from the X933 ...
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  • Motion detection
    Hello, is the motion detection only available as one picture? Or is it also possible to get a short video of the motion or maybe more than one picture? Thanks!
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  • Is it possible to deactivate RFID on the X915S?
    Is it possible to deactivate RFID on the X915S? Or is it possible to switch off the blue light for the RFID? Its always on with our X915S
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  • Call feature not working (X915S)
    Hello, whenever a person calls me through my X915S I can see them with the monitor function on my phone and I can also open the door for them but when I try to answer the call, nothing happens. I cant answer it. The same happens when I try ...
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  • X915S - Video and Live stream problem
    Hello, I installed my Akuvox X915S but for some reason the monitoring and live view is not working properly. When I open the app, I only get a black screen. When I open it on my Indoor Monitor (X933) it also shows a black screen. When I ope ...
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