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  • How do we add Property Manager to Community Project?
    In this post. I am explaining how do we add Property Manager to Community project.1.)Firstly You have to create community account.AfterYou entered dealer account You must pass Community project page. 2. Then You can create new community pr ...
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  • About SDMC Software
    Akuvox SDMC (SIP Device Management Controller) is anon-premise software system for site-wide door intercom & indoor monitorsystem management via the LAN.SDMC (SIPDevice Management Center) is generally installed in the community managementce ...
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  • Accessing İnterface Of Akuvox Devices Over the Cloud System
    Akuvox devices can be Access over Akuvox Cloud System. Forexample You have Project and You established this Project. If you have issue atthe project You can remote connect interface of doorphone and indoor monitorand You will solved issue. ...
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  • Akuvox C313 Smart Living Feature
    Purpose of this my topic We can send more than one HTTPcommand over C313S device. I am expalining at this topic.Scenario 1: You can have 12,6,48 output relay module andThis relay can be get HTTP command. You can send HTTP command and open r ...
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  • Akuvox doorphones and Zipatile 2 Integration
    1.Akuvox doorphone>Zipatile 2 relation The Akuvox doorphone intercom unit should beable to call IP addresses inside its network. Zipato application expects callson port 5060 on the IP address that’s assigned to Zipatile2. Example:Zipatile ...
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