What is VoIP?

What is VoIP?

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What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a proven technology that lets anyone place phone calls over an internet connection. With the riseof broadband, VoIP has become the definitive choice for phone service forconsumers and businesses alike.
VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol that describes the method to place and receivephone calls over the internet. Most people consider VoIP the alternative to thelocal telephone company.
If you've heard of an IP address, that's your Internet Protocoladdress. An IP address is how computers and devices communicate with each otheron the internet.

VoIP isn't actually all that new. Telephony has relied ondigital lines to carry phone calls since the late 90s. VoIP is a cost-effectiveway to handle an unlimited number of calls.
How does VoIP work?
In four steps,here's how VoIP works.

1.     Your phone connects to yourswitch or router in your Local Area Network (LAN).
2.    When you dial a telephone number, your IP phone tells your VoIPservice provider to call the other party.
3.    Your VoIP service establishes the call and exchanges datapackets from your IP phone.
4.    Your VoIP phone converts these digital signals back into thesound you can hear.

Benefits of VoIP

·       Lower cost - Many consumers andbusinesses alike have realized substantial cost savings and lowered their phonebills by over 60%.
·       High-quality sound - There's anoticeable difference in the call quality, so the audio isn't muffled or fuzzy.
·       Advanced features - Leverage premiumfeatures to run your company such as auto attendants, call recording, and call queues. They're often included with business phone service plans.
· Remote-ready - Use your phone servicewherever you work. No technical setup is necessary if you work from home.

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