A Scenario About Setting Up Akuvox İntercom with Orvibo Smarthome for Villa

A Scenario About Setting Up Akuvox İntercom with Orvibo Smarthome for Villa

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Let's dig out together a scenario where a intercom and smart home systems have planned to be installed.
The devices which we want to install;
•        Akuvox R20A for garden door
•        Akuvox A01 for garage door
•        Akuvox 2xIT83 for main entrance and kitchen
•        Orvibo Smarthome Application for using on Akuvox indoor Android devices

First, make the necessary installation between Akuvox doorphone, access controll device and indoor monitors.
Then, install the Orvibo HomeMate app to IT83 devices so that the user can control the Orvibo system installed in his home from the IT83 devices' screens.
You may install the any application on IT83 in many ways;
1. Select the Orvibo application's apk form from IT83's web interface and install it. Then, enter over the IT83's web interface phone>key part. Select the name of the application have installed in the list on the area 2 under the Home Page Display heading then write the name of the application that want to appear on the IT83's screen in the Label field.
2. Install google play to IT83 and download the Orvibo HomeMate application to the IT83's screen by logging into the google play application and install it.
3. Download the Orvibo HomeMate application apk and upload to the SD card and then connect the SD card into IT83, get the apk file on the device and then install this apk file.

After completing the application installation, may have completed the Akuvox-Orvibo integration by using the Orvibo application on the IT83 device screen.

If the user wants the application to stay on the screen all the time, from the phone>key display section of the IT82's web interface, do  setting as in the image below. When do 3rd apk's settings, Orvibo HomeMate application will run continuously on the IT83 screen. When an intercom call comes in, the device gives the allow to put the application in the background and make the call. When the call end, it open the application again on the screen.
orvibo homemate apk keep alive.png

Through this integration, The user will feel very happy because he/she can use both the intercom and the smart home system integratedly.

Feel free to write me for more hipotetically integration scenarios.

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