Interra Panel and Akuvox Integration

Interra Panel and Akuvox Integration

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Interra is a company that develops both software andhardware about knx based smarthome products.Interra company has 7 inc panels tocontrol knx based smart home products. We can make calls from Akuvox outdoor unitsto Interra panels over SIP or IP.
I am explaining how do I make configuration from Interrapanel interface and Akuvox panel.

1.    Please You can enter contact section fromInterra panel interface. .You can follow steps below.


Number: <sip:Akuvox IP Address@Akuvox IP Address>
For example : <sip:>
Name : You can name of Akuvox doorphone unit.
For example : Dış Zil( Doorphone).
Type : You must select VOIP for over IP call.
RTSP URL : You can RTSP Url of Akuvox doorphone unit.
Image URL :  If you want screenshot when Akuvox panel camecall .you must enter Image url of Akuvox doorphone unit.
For OpenDoor :  We need to use the HTTP Url feature to open Akuvox's relay fromthe Interra panel.

For this, we need to press the Newbutton on the Interra Panel and enter the HTTP url of the Akuvox panel. Also You must enter the username and password from the Open Relay via HTPP section.


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