About SDMC Software

About SDMC Software

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Akuvox SDMC (SIP Device Management Controller) is anon-premise software system for site-wide door intercom & indoor monitorsystem management via the LAN.
SDMC (SIPDevice Management Center) is generally installed in the community managementcenter. The software serves as a LAN-based on-premise platform designed tomanage the personnel, devices, access control, intercom, alarm, message, liftcontrol, video monitoring etc at one stop.
·      To achieve the data synchronization between the SDMC and device.
·      To manage the residents, property staff and access control with varioustypes of authentication method.
·      To manage the deployment of device on the node basis for residents etc.
·      To Make IP/SIP call the intercom devices, and monitor community-widesurroundings for the security purpose.
·      To manage various types of logs.
·      To manage and deal with alarm.
·      To manage messaging and Ad Pushing.
·      To import and export system data and database for the convenience of datasharing and system configuration.
·      To manage the lift control.

  I share dashboard screen of SDMC software.


1.Add Resident: People living in the flat are added. People living in the flat areadded
You can define PIN, RF Card andface data of the people living in the flat to the doorphone here.
2.Add Face ID: You can add facedata of people doorphone.
3.Add Card: You can add RF Carddata of people doorphone.
4.Add Temp PIN: You can add TEMPPIN of people doorphone.
5.Send Message: Building Management can send message  to indoor monitor device.
6.Lift: Building management candefine more than one button to sdmc software to call elevator.

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