How do we add Property Manager to Community Project?

How do we add Property Manager to Community Project?

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In this post. I am explaining how do we add Property Manager to Community project.
1.)Firstly You have to create community account.AfterYou entered dealer account You must pass Community project page.

2. Then You can create new community project.


3. After Community project has created you need to add asite management software user to manage the site.


4.You can press new property manager button. There are 3 section in this here.
First Name: You can enter name of site management person.
Last Name: You can enter surname of site management person
E mail : You can enter the e-mail address of the sitemanagement
Language: You can adjust language of property management software.


5.Anymore You can assign site management to the sites you create.In this way can assign the same person as the site manager to more thanone site.


6.After adding the e-mail of the site management, your username and password will be sent to the e-mail you added.You can start using the site management software by entering this user name and password.The incoming mail is as follows.



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