Feasibility in Access Control System Compatibility

Feasibility in Access Control System Compatibility

A European company has a mature HR management system, but its attendance system is poor and not compatible with the former. This brings a lot of trouble to its HRs, because they have to repetitively check data.
  • An all-in-one system that integrates an attendance management system with a human resource system.
  • Attendance system needs to work automatically on holidays, support workday mode, and punching time setup.

How to design the solution?
The HR management system in this case works only locally, instead of connecting to a Cloud.
Akuvox can provide access control devices, Office Cloud, and ACMS, a local attendance system.

Plan A:  A local attendance system + Cloud
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Convenient data storage and backup in the Cloud;
An App can be used for attendance.
Worries about cloud data security;
The attendance system can only be used locally.

Plan B: A local attendance system + ACMS
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Data transmission will not be affected by any device changes.
Two systems.

Plan C: A local attendance system + local devices
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A single attendance system can cover all functions.
Should you change devices, you might need to make the same software for the new ones.

Finally Design
Since the customer wants only a single system, and its system cannot connect to the internet, Plan C is the best.

Then What to do?
The attendance information includes in and out time, holidays, vacations and working hours. And all the data must be sent to the HR system by our devices.
Akuvox access controllers have User and Schedule functions. The former enables administrators to add employees, and the latter creates punching in and out time, and defines holidays for them.  
Our devices can send information, such as punch in and out time, holidays, working hours and more, to HR system via API.
To make the above achieved, the HR system must be compatible with Akuvox device API.
Note:  Each user's name in both HR system and access controllers must be the same to successfully transmit data.

Here comes a question:  How to prevent the system from mistaking you to be off work, when you swipe the card just to go out for lunch?

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    Msugozu 2022-06-22 14:37:01
    Different cards can be introduced to go out to eat and we can find out how many hours you are out with this card. From the new device, the 2nd card is more suitable
    Akuvox_Neil 2022-06-24 09:28:10
    We will show the right solution for the question after the end of the vote. Come on and vote it.
    ercntrn 2022-06-24 20:03:43

    I think Second solution than better convinent according to other solution


    Akuvox_Neil 2022-07-13 15:50:12
    In this case, the customer solved this problem by adding a card reader via Wiegand. This card reader is for exiting and punching out, while Akuvox access controller for door entry and punching in.

    For example, if the punch time is 8-10 am, then employees must go to work at any time in the range and swipe card on Akuvox device.  Any card wiping outside the preset time range will not be counted as punching in or out. The device takes the earliest punching in time, and the latest punching out time.
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