First Lift Control Project in Australia!

First Lift Control Project in Australia!

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This is a project in Melbourne Australia. The project includes a total of 75 apartments and 2 lifts.

  • Each apartment has one indoor monitor along with one door phone installed at the building entrance and residents can use the app for calling, unlock and etc.
  • Residents are required to use the access method to go to their target floors for security purposes, while visitors are restricted to access to their designated floors.
  • And the property manager can manage the community uniformly.
  • There are three underground "special" floors, Basement 1, Basement 2, and Group. They are public floors. Residents can swipe their cards in the elevator, then press the corresponding floor number.

  • Using Akuvox SmartPlus system for unified management. the manager can issue an access control method, check the access log, etc.
  • Two R29s are installed at the two doors of the building. And users can initiate calls to the indoor monitor and app. And residents can issue the target floor information to the elevator when visitors initIate a call.
  • R20 is installed in the elevator and residents are required to swipe their cards on the R20 to obtain corresponding floor permissions.
  • Binding the public floors information in the device side for the 3 three public floors.



Although the cloud system can be used to automatically issue configurations, one resident can only be allowed to be bound to one floor in the cloud, so it is impossible for the resident to reach some other public areas. And the card information that is synchronized to the door phones needs to be bound with the three public areas on the device side.

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    Jimmy 2021-12-03 17:28:52
    Lift control requirements is increasing at Australia and NZ, this is a super good case.
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