About POE Switch

About POE Switch

PoE Switch:
POE Switch (Power Over Ethernet) means power over theInternet. They are devices used to transmit electrical power using Ethernettechnology.
POE Switches are very useful for systems such as IP Intercomsystems, IP Cameras. The cabling infrastructure is also very simple as only oneInternet cable is used for voice, data and power.
Using a single cable in POE Switches both reduces costs andsimplifies the installation of devices. PoE uses a lower voltage than the mainsvoltage, so it is safe to use.

Which Devices Use POE Switch?

There are more than one device that can work with POE.However, not every device can work with the same POE power, it may vary fromdevice to device.
Example Uses:
Low Watt PoE devices
VoiP and Videophones
IP cameras
Wireless Access Points
Audio Devices



Akuvox Devices is working according to IEEE 802.3afstandart. So Akuvox devices powered by POE 48V.
Poe Switch Types:
Active POE:
The state in which power is supplied from the power supplyequipment after a negotiation (negotiation-verification) with electricalequipment (PD). Active poe means a device is rated 802.3af or 802.3atcompliant. These are regulated specifications that require a device and powersource to perform a handshake or verification. The Poe power supply testswhether it is connected to the device and ensures that the power is compatible.If the device is not connected, the poe power supply will not release energyand the device will not turn on. So it prevents any potential damage, failuredue to voltage mismatch.


Passive POE:

Also known as "always on" poe. The power isimmediately delivered to the device without any verification-agreement with thedevice to which it is connected. Passive poe refers to any device that does notmeet the 802.3af or 802.3at specifications. Passive poe does not do anypower-to-energy control, so it provides power-energy to the device attached toit regardless of what is plugged into it. This can damage any device not builtto accept passive poe power input due to incompatible voltage. Before pluggingyour Poe adapters into any device, it is extremely important to understand therequirements and specifications of your equipment.


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