Adding Private key to Akuvox devices

Adding Private key to Akuvox devices

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1.Please You can enter interface of doorphone unit and enter IP address of device to browser

2.You can enter İntercom>Private key section.

3. From İmport/Export Private Key. You can make card datasimport/export.In this way easily card datas can add. (Notice: File must be .xmlextension). You can open with Notepadd app when you downloand.Anymore You can arrange over file.For example;

4. Pkey Door Num: You canselect the door you can open from this section. For example, you connected thegarden door to relay A and the garage door to relay B. From this section, youcan choose which door you want to open with the password you set.  2.PKey Day: You can makeday-based authorization from the Pkey day section.    3.PKey Time: You canauthorize on a time basis from the PkeyTime section.    4. Pkey Name: you can enterthe user's name.    5.PKey Code: you can enterthe password you have determined.

5. You can see the latest status as follows.


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