Core Smarthome panel and Akuvox doorphone entegration

Core Smarthome panel and Akuvox doorphone entegration

Akuvox doorphones work with devices. These panels once Core Smarthome Panel.
Core company is producing smarthome system. Also It is working Z- wave,KNX protocol workentegrationally. Please You can examine link for Core panels more information detailed :

1.Please. Firstly You can enter of Core panel devices.


Name: You can enter Akuvox doorphone panels name.  (For example: Can be Outdoor Unit or Door).
Number/IP Address: You can enter IP Address of Akuvox doorphone.  (For example: like that).
Icon: You can choose anything one icon or you can make import different icon.
Contact Type: You must  choose  Akuvox . Because We are using Akuvox doorphone panels at outdoor.
RTSP URL: You can enter RTSP URL of Akuvox doorphone  ( RTSP URL: rtsp://Akuvox doorphone IP /live/ch00_0)
Snapshot url: You can enterSnapshot url of Akuvox doorphone( Snapshot URL: http://Akuvoxdoorphone IP: 8080/picture.jpg).
Username: You can username of Akuvox doorphone (Default:admin)
Password: You can password o fAkuvox doorphone(Default: admin).

(NOTİCE: You must enable Display Camera View on Call) This feature is important during call for video stream).
Door Open Settings:
If you want to open door from Core panels You can use http url or DTMF code. Action Name: You can enter door name. (For example: Gardendoor)HTTP URL: You can enter http URL of Akuvox doorphone panels.Akuvox doorphone URL:
Http URL: http: // Akuvoxdoorphone IP/fcgi/do?action=OpenDoor&UserName=admin&Password=admin&DoorNum=1
Also You can open http Settings from Akuvox doorphone panels.
. httpcore.png
For example: When you make (Username: admin /Password :admin) In this way can be ;
Http URL: http: // Akuvox doorphoneIP/fcgi/do?action=OpenDoor&UserName=admin&Password=admin&DoorNum=1
2.  Just At Akuvoxdevice You can enter IP Address.

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    Jimmy 2021-12-23 19:10:08
    Cool, so core panel able to answer a call from Akuvox doorphone? Through P2P methods, no need register to a SIP server?
    ercntrn 2021-12-25 02:45:52
    Yes, P2P can work.
    ercntrn 2021-12-25 03:08:50
    Also You don't need to SIP Server device. In this way You can use Akuvox cloud system.
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