Adding RFID Cards to Doorphones

Adding RFID Cards to Doorphones

We can add RFID Card from Akuvox outdoor devices overinterface.How can we this? I am explaining how can we this.
1. You can enter to interface of outdoor unit(R29,R27,R20 .etc).
2.After You connected to interface of device You can enter  İntercom>Card Settings to section.< İmport/Export Card Data:  You can make import/export card datas from section
4. Card Status: From this section, you can switch the device to RFID Card adding mode or card reading mode. Normal mode: It is RFID Card reading mode.   Card Issuing: It is RFID Card adding mode.
5.  Card Type: From this section, you can determine whether the card to be added will be an admin or an end user. IC Key DoorNum: This is the part where we determine which of the doorsconnected to the relay of the device you will add will open. IC Key Name: In this section, you must enter the name of the owner of the card you will add. IC Key Code: In this part, hold the card to the RFID Card reader on the device by pressing the Obtain button and you can see the ID of the card in the IC Key Code section.

Then you have to press the Add button.</</

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