How to setup Dial Plan:

How to setup Dial Plan:

Dial Planis used to create a dial plan.This feature is available in all apartment type doorphonepanel and IP phones. Most users want to use it. Because people want to calltheir flats with a shortcut.
Forexample, when the person living in the number one apartment presses 1 and wantsto call the indoor monitor, the calling plan can solve this.

RulesModify: Allow users to modify selected rulesinformation. Once you dial prefix value, it will call out Replace number.

1.Please You can press Add button
2.Select account for the replace rule
3.Prefix:In this section, you can enter thenumber of the flat you are looking for.
For example, if you want to call apartment number 30, you canenter 30 here. Of course, this is not mandatory, if you want, you can call theapartment by dialing 300.
4.Replace Rule: In this section, you can enter the SIP/IPnumber of the flat you are looking for.
5.Click Submit to save.

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