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  • Rtsp Urls of some camera brands
    I am explaining that rtsp urls some camera brands in this post. Sometimes You can want to watch camera stream of enviromental camera for this You can use these. Akuvox Door Stations – rtsp:// DoorBird Door Stations – rtsp:// /mpeg/med ...
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  • About Akuvox Firmwares
    As you know There are 2 type Akuvox devices.It is divided into 2 according to the operating system. These are Linux and Android. You must throw .rom extension firmware file to Linux devices. If you have Android devices you must throw .zip e ...
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  • About Akuvox Support.
    I explain that how do you reach akuvox support internet site and document file in the post. If you have anything problem,question, establishing please You can visit these site. 1.If you have a question certainly yoou can reach Akuvox forum ...
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  • Making Upgrade Over Cloud to Devices
    I explain that how do you upgrade over cloud to Akuvox devices. 1.You should enter to dealer account.2.After you enter to dealer account you can see upgrade section at the left.When you click this button you can see all upgrade of all devic ...
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  • Akuvox IP Scanner Program
    I share Akuvox IP Scanner Program in this post. If you have Akuvox devices You can learn IP Address of devices with IP Scanner program. You can downloand program in the below link: Link : ... ET/view?usp=s ...
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