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  • How to setup Dial Plan:
    Dial Planis used to create a dial plan.This feature is available in all apartment type doorphonepanel and IP phones. Most users want to use it. Because people want to calltheir flats with a shortcut.Forexample, when the person living in the ...
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  • Adding RFID Cards to Doorphones
    We can add RFID Card from Akuvox outdoor devices overinterface.How can we this? I am explaining how can we this.1. You can enter to interface of outdoor unit(R29,R27,R20 .etc).2.After You connected to interface of device You can enter İn ...
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  • Community Manager Template file creation for fast apartment and device addition
    In Akuvox Smartplus system, if you have a site project, youneed to add your devices to the Community Manager account. If you have a lot of number of flats while adding to thisaccount, it may be a little troublesome to do this one by one. Fo ...
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  • Core Smarthome panel and Akuvox doorphone entegration
    Akuvox doorphones work with devices. These panels once Core Smarthome Panel.Core company is producing smarthome system. Also It is working Z- wave,KNX protocol workentegrationally. Please You can examine link for Core panels more in ...
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  • Private key to Akuvox devices
    1.Please You can enter interface of doorphone unit and enter IP address of device to browser 2.You can enter İntercom>Private key section. 3. From İmport/Export Private Key. You can make card datasimport/export.In this way easily card ...
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