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  • Elevator Solution with R20A-2
    I am using R20A-2 in the elevator. I have a scenario.Generally People want to put intercom devices in the elevator for communicationwith security or property worker. The most issue in the elevator is interference Therefore Generally We don' ...
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  • Yale Linus Smart Lock and Akuvox first tests!!!!
    We conducted the first trial of integration of the Akuvox and Yale Linus door lock. I am sharing a video about it. You can share your opinions and suggestions. Video Link: ... Lz/view?usp=sharing ...
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  • Changing C313 Doorbell and Ring Tone
    I am explaining how do we change doorbell tone(GND-BELL) and ringtone tone in this topic. Scenario: There are 2 Akuvox doorphone in the project. Also You have 1 Qty Akuvox indoor monitor(C313). You want to sound different ringtone tone when ...
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  • Key In Homepage Of The Building Theme of X915S Configuration:
    I explain in this topic How do your configure building theme at main screen of X915S device. What do wemake as configuration in X915S main screen. You can show at main screen ofX915S device section which you want to see. For example Somet ...
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  • How do we add Property Manager to Community Project?
    In this post. I am explaining how do we add Property Manager to Community project.1.)Firstly You have to create community account.AfterYou entered dealer account You must pass Community project page. 2. Then You can create new community pr ...
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