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  • Interra Panel and Akuvox Integration
    Interra is a company that develops both software andhardware about knx based smarthome products.Interra company has 7 inc panels tocontrol knx based smart home products. We can make calls from Akuvox outdoor unitsto Interra panels over SIP ...
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  • Doorphone chime bell feature
    When the visitor comes to your door and presses the button, you can open the relay of the device. In this way, when we think that you have connected the door to the first relay and connected an external bell to the second relay, when you pr ...
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  • What is VoIP?
    What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a proven technology that lets anyone place phone calls over an internet connection. With the riseof broadband, VoIP has become the definitive choice for phone service forconsumers and bus ...
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  • How to setup Dial Plan:
    Dial Planis used to create a dial plan.This feature is available in all apartment type doorphonepanel and IP phones. Most users want to use it. Because people want to calltheir flats with a shortcut.Forexample, when the person living in the ...
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  • Adding RFID Cards to Doorphones
    We can add RFID Card from Akuvox outdoor devices overinterface.How can we this? I am explaining how can we this.1. You can enter to interface of outdoor unit(R29,R27,R20 .etc).2.After You connected to interface of device You can enter İn ...
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