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  • Community Manager Template file creation for fast apartment and device addition
    In Akuvox Smartplus system, if you have a site project, youneed to add your devices to the Community Manager account. If you have a lot of number of flats while adding to thisaccount, it may be a little troublesome to do this one by one. Fo ...
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  • Core Smarthome panel and Akuvox doorphone entegration
    Akuvox doorphones work with devices. These panels once Core Smarthome Panel.Core company is producing smarthome system. Also It is working Z- wave,KNX protocol workentegrationally. Please You can examine link for Core panels more in ...
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  • Adding Private key to Akuvox devices
    1.Please You can enter interface of doorphone unit and enter IP address of device to browser 2.You can enter İntercom>Private key section. 3. From İmport/Export Private Key. You can make card datasimport/export.In this way easily card d ...
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  • Uploading Google Play to Android indoor monitors
    Akuvox Android indoor monitor device can be upload Google Play Store. We must upload Google Installer app from web interface. 1.You must enter Phone>App section and You can choose app which want to upload. You have to choose Google Instal ...
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  • About POE Switch
    PoE Switch: POE Switch (Power Over Ethernet) means power over theInternet. They are devices used to transmit electrical power using Ethernettechnology.POE Switches are very useful for systems such as IP Intercomsystems, IP Cameras. The cabl ...
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