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  • Highlight Akuvox X912 - Registering Admin & User Cards on the device
    Hey Everyone Just thought i would do a link to one of my videos i have done. So to introduce myself I am Ryan I am part of a technical support team in the UK. The video linked below is for the X912 and how you can set up Admin and Use ...
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  • External Bell
    Just curious do many customers wire in an external bell from the indoor monitor to give them extra audio in a loud enviroment. If so just wondering how you set your one up? And is this a popular thing to have done also?
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  • ACMS Fire Roll Call
    Just putting it out there to see how people (if at all) sort out producing a automatic fire roll call on activation of a fire alarm system. It may be that its not possible at all, or maybe its simple and i cant see the nose on my face.
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  • IT83 To IT83 Calling With Relay activation.
    So not sure if anyone else has tried to do this particular set up before, if you have please feel free to advise me. So basically Calling IT83 to IT83 but i want the receiving IT83 local relay to activate on calling.
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