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  • Opening a Door With NFC On A03 Device
    Hello everyone,I will explain how to make door opening settings with NFC onthe A03 device. First of all, after logging into the web interface of thedevice, we click on the "Card Reader" section from the"Hardware" section. Here we activate t ...
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  • Face recognition process on A05 Device
    Hello Everyone, In order to perform face recognition on the A05 device, thefaces to be introduced must be added as a photo. To do this, click on the"User" tab under the "Directory" section. Then we click on the “Add” button that we have ...
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  • How to create temporary password from SmartPlus app
    Hello everyone,I will explain how to create a temporary password with theSmartPlus application. First of all, we enter the SmartPlus application on ourmobile phone. We press the “I” button that I marked in the figure. Then click the "Auth ...
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  • How to remotely control the relays of indoor units?
    Hello everyone, I will talk about how the local relay of an indoor unit canbe controlled remotely. First, the interface of the indoor unit is entered. Thenenter Phone => Call Feature section. The IP address of the indoor unit thatwill pro ...
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  • What is the "Discovery Mode"
    Hello everyone. I will explain what the discovery mode in Akuvox indoor andoutdoor units does.When Discovery mode is active, it automatically detectsdevices connected to the same network. They appear automatically in thedevice's directory. ...
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