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  • Top The Low-cost and Customizable HyPanel Pro
    In July, we introduced our new product HyPanel Pro. It is sure to catch your eye, but that's not all the good news. This month, we've also launched a new product - no camera version of HyPanel Pro. This new version does away with the camer ...
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  • Akuvox Technical Video Survey
    This year, we've released numerous new technical videos covering hardware connections and configuration guides. If you've watched them, we hope they've been helpful. If you haven't seen them yet, you can click Here to view them. For provid ...
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  • 【Troubleshooting-Cloud】Why App can not receive call from device?
    Sometimes, the device can successfully make a call to the App, but the App does not receive the call, causing users to miss important calls. Now! Instead of waiting for the tech team to solve the issue, you can take some basic steps to tro ...
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  • Highlight 【New Arrival!】New experience with upgrading of X915 and IT88
    Ready for an enhanced video call experience? Upgrade to IT88 with improved resolution and X915 camera, and witness every detail come to life during your video calls.Not only that, with high-resolution IT88, you can gather your family to rel ...
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  • Differences between Akubela Flush Mounted Module
    Recently, Akubela has released a range of flush mounted modules for using with various panels. In the post, we outline the distinctions between their software and hardware features. Hope that this post proves helpful to you.
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