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  • TopHighlight Does your customers ask for Time and Attendance reports integrated with Akuvox?
    We have been face with demand from customers for basic Time and Attendance feature included into Access Control. From our research 3 from 10 customers whould like to have this feature. To accomodate sales of Akuvox Cloud platform and Access ...
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  • Highlight REST API Portal
    Hello Team, There is a modern trend for Cloud solutions providers especially in Access Control or Video verticals - to include API documentation right in the GUI of cloud user interface itself. Thus customers have always relavant and up to ...
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  • Telegram bot usage with E16C
    Hi, The school customer want to have better control under the pupils as well to limit their responcibility when pupils left the school - control in close to real time from anyware anytime. To be able to generate Report with the list of wh ...
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  • IP Cameras rtsp stream connection to Akuvox Cloud
    Please provide more info about architecture of the IP camera rtsp stream connection to the Akuvox Cloud. If 20 users whould like to view camera stream - this stream will be multiplied in from cloud - or each request generates direct user f ...
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