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Ashleigh Wilson - Technical Support
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  • X933 - Enable Intercom Preview and Disable Busy Tone
    Hi, I'm part of the CIE-Group Technical Team in the UK and we've been making simple videos for engineers across the UK when installing Akuvox Intercoms and Indoor Monitors. Here's a sample of two of the videos on the X933 we've created whi ...
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  • How to upgrade your Akuvox ACMS
    Hello, You can upgrade your ACMS by following these simple steps. [*]Login to ACMS and click on the settings Icon and then click on database. [*] [*]Click on "Export" and save the database file on your computer. [*]Now search for ACMSSer ...
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  • Indoor Monitor - Residential Property Settings
    Hi, Below are some recommended settings that are ideal for a single residential property. The above for me allows a nice clock screensaver, previewing of the Intercom Camera when a call is made, and muting of the busy tone when another ...
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