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  • R49G Guard Phone and External Camera Integration
    Hello, If you want see the video stream of an external IP camera, when the indoor monitor are called from the R49G guard phone, you can use this feature by configuring the guard phone. In this way, the customer will see the video stream of ...
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  • Creating a Contact List on E16C Doorphones
    Hello, You can create a contact list, in this way your customers are able to call the resident by touching the name of the resident on the device screen. You can create a contact list by the following the steps. 1. Login the web gui of th ...
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  • Adding Dial Plan on SP-R52
    Hello, I am going to explain to add dial plan on SP-R52 guard phones via the web gui of guardphones. You can add dial plans on guardphones by doing the following steps. 1. Login the web gui of the guardphone. 2. Click the Phone>Dial Plan ...
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  • SP-R52 GuardPhone Line Key Button
    Hello, You can open the door easily with http feature through the Line Key button on SP-R52 guard phones. You can open the door without answering the call thanks to the line key button. I added some images regarding this configuration unde ...
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  • It is possible to see the Logs via Smartplus
    Hello, The users who have already use SmartPlus app or will use SmartPlus app can see easily the logs of their doorphone(s) via SmartPlus app. Following these steps to see the logs; 1. Press the 'activities' button on the below menu. 2 ...
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