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  • How to send message to C315 via Property Manager
    Message module allows you to create and sendthe message to the residents living in the community. 1. Click on NEW.2. Create the message title and enter themessage contents directly if you want to create onetimemessage. And Select thereceiv ...
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  • Using R49G with External Camera
    As it is known, the R49 device has a camera and the camera can be turned off if desired. In some projects, the security is located at the entrance of the site/building and the guest who comes to the door has to talk with the security first ...
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  • Supremacy of the IP Intercom with 2-Way Video Call
    One of the mostimportant features that supremacy the IP intercom system from other intercomtechnologies is that it provides 2-way voice and video calls. When the guestat the door presses the push and calls, the camera of the front doorphone ...
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  • Highlight A Scenario With E12 and Elevator
    Let's consider a complex structure such as a business center or shopping mall. The main entrance door of this complex structure is always open. There are several independent buildings in this complex structure and these buildings are used a ...
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  • A Scenario About Setting Up Akuvox İntercom with Orvibo Smarthome for Villa
    Let's dig out together a scenario where a intercom and smart home systems have planned to be installed.The devices which we want to install;• Akuvox R20A for garden door• Akuvox A01 for garage door• Akuvox 2xIT83 for ...
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