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  • Highlight R20BX2 remote request of maintenance?
    Dear Sirs, could you kindly explain us what this new log mean? Could you kindly tell us how many external request your products are supposed to do? Thanks, BR
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  • Disable RPS requests ?
    Dear Sirs, got a doorphone that sends it's mac address to every 30 minutes. What is this supposed to do? How can I disable this behavior, I don't want that devices goes on the internet... Thanks, BR ...
    [Network] 5 689
  • Read doorphone temperature?
    Dear Sirs, is there any way to get the internal temperature from a doorphone (i.e. an hidden HTTP page that will reply with json data )? Thanks, BR
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  • ACIP passed
    Dear Sirs, I've tried for second time the ACIP Exam -A and this time I've passed it, ( but still got some doubt on open question results ) but the blue flag doesn't happear next to it on the course overview. Can you please check it out ...
    [ACIP Certification] 4 515
  • SDMC Debug SDMCServerManage > Start
    Dear Sirs, new installation on Windows 10 21H2 when I press Start the button get a blue border for a few seconds then goes back to gray, and Stop.Even if I don't press the button the cycle start itself, Start goes to grey, then Stop goes ...
    [Software&Cloud] 4 518