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  • How to create Family Member in Smartplus App
    We can use your smartplus app with your family members. Select to Me > Family Members. Tap Add New Family Member. Enter username and Email address. Mobile numbers and landlines are optional. After you add family member successfully, this m ...
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  • How to unlock door with Face ID in Smartplus App
    You can open the door quickly and safely by activating the face recognition feature from the Smartplus App. Select to; Me > Authorization > Face Recognition. Tap Get Started or Choose a photo from Album, then follow on screen instructions. ...
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  • Call Forwarding Setting on R49G
    Call Forward is a feature used to redirect an incoming call to the specific third party. Users can redirect the incoming call based on different scenarios. Typically, call forward has three modes: Always Forward / No Answer Forward / Busy ...
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  • Home Screen Display Setting on R49G Device
    We can choose your home screen display among three options: Classic, Only Phone And Monitor, Home Care.To select the main screen; On the device web interface, Phone > Preference > HomePage. Classic Screen Only Phone and Monitor Screen H ...
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  • R49G Device Bluetooth Configuration
    R49G device has bluetooth feature.We can switch on the Bluetooth function on the device to establish the Bluetooth based connection with devices with the Bluetooth function for files transmission and making or answering the Bluetooth calls. ...
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