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    Loxone is a very complete Austrian Domotica company but within its ecosystem it has a video doorbell and an NFC reader that they use as access control, can we integrate video intercoms and monitors with Loxone?
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  • X933 - How to install XAPK
    I can install APK, but the XAPK tells me that it does not accept the format
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  • E18C y E16C (Backlight adjustment)
    Inside the E16 and 18C, they look very good but if you place them outside the image "burns". I'm looking for backlight settings, white settings, brightness or something like that in video surveillance cameras and I can't find anything. Do y ...
    [Access Control] 3 100
  • E18C "Addind failed, MAC addres invalid or already exist"
    When I try to add the MAC of this computer to the cloud it gives me this error, it is the first time it has happened to me. The supplier tells me that he can add it. What will be the problem?
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  • AK-C319W Blocked when loading latest firmware
    This monitor asked me for a firmware update by and when loading it stayed a lot of time in the process and when restarting it stays in the animation and does not go from there. Is there a way to recover it or reset it from the factory? I ...
    [Upgrade&Backup&Reset] 4 333