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  • SmartPlus-Siri Integration
    In this post, I will tell you about the integration of the Akuvox SmartPlus application with Siri. To do this, we need to press the Add to Siri button in the SmartPlus application. Here we select the relay we want to open. Then we pair it w ...
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  • New HTTP Code for Akuvox door phones
    Hi, Hello Everyone, if you want to open the doors on Akuvox's doorbell panels with the HTTP command, this code has changed in the new version devices. You can now open the door via HTTP with the code below. Code:http://admin:admin@192.168 ...
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  • Akubela Hypanels Ninova In-Wall Switch Integration
    Hello Everyone, As a result of my tests, I observed that Ninova brand dual in-wall switches can be added to Akubela Hypanel products without any problems. You can access the relevant video link below. Link: Best ...
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  • How to Open a Door without Answering a Call?
    In this article,I will tell you what setting to make on theindoor unit to open the door without answering the call.We enter the web interface on the device's. Then we click onthe Relay section under the Device heading. From here, we activat ...
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  • How to Configure Face Recognition Sensitivity on Devices?
    Hello, In this article I will tell you how to set the facial recognition sensitivity. Take the E16 device, for example. After going to the web interface of the device, we click on the Face Settings section under the Access Control heading. ...
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